Top Forearm Exercises

Published in Forearm Exercises on 15th July 2011

Forearm exercises are often overlooked or neglected. Often people have the misconception about forearm that by doing other exercises, forearms are also exercised as a by product. Sure, your forearms are also benefited by doing some exercise routine but it is not right reason for you to leave exercise intended directly for the forearms. So, developing forearm muscles is essential. Let’s see how to do develop forearms using forearm exercises. Here is a list of best forearm exercises that help you to develop your forearm effectively.

Reverse Barbell Curl
This is one of the best forearm exercises. It is somewhat similar to that of regular barbell curl except the fact that the bar is gripped from above and not from below. Thus, the load is more on main muscles of the forearm and less on the biceps. It is better not to move elbows as it acts as the axes of the movements for the exercise. Maintain your lower back still. You can also use ‘preacher’s bench’ to accomplish standing or sitting.

Wrist Barbell / Dumbbell Curl
In this forearm exercise, the only part that moves is your wrists. If you are in a sitting position, your forearms have to be rested on your thighs or a flat bench. You have to position your wrists to stick out just about your knees or the other end of the bench. You have to hold the barbell or dumbbells from below and curl them up and down. You have to use only your wrists. This is one of great forearm exercises for a group of muscles responsible for flexing your wrists.

Another effective forearm exercises are for the muscles “pronators” and “supinators”. These muscles are responsible for rotating the forearms around like a screw driver. You have to Stand up straight and rest your elbows against your sides. Your forearm should in an appropriate angle forward and your palms should face each other. Now, you have to rotate your forearms in order to make your palms face down. Now, your forearms are pronated. If you rotate your forearms, the pother way your palms face up, right? Now, your forearms are supinated.

One of the effective forearm exercises is lying down on a mat and the bottom arm should support. Make sure to rest the other arm on the hip and ensure your elbow bent at a right angle. Make sure that your forearm points forward. Hold the dumbbell with your arm. Now, rotate the forearm and the dumbbell turns around itself. End points of this movement are the thumb pointing up at the one end and the pinky pointing up at the other. Hand grippers help you to do numerous forearm exercises. You have to grab the hand grippers. Then close it and Keep it close for as long as you can. Another exercise is change hands while you are gripping it and increase the number of time you grip with each hand.

Pay significant attention to do forearm exercises and you will get over all well built physique effectively. Good Luck.

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